Friday: It’s Here!

(If you follow me on Facebook, you’re familiar with my Five Thing Friday posts. If not, settle in. Things are about to get real interesting random.)

1. My book two deadline is looming! This means my daily schedule consists entirely of researching* the mechanics of late night television, revising/writing, and working at the day job.

*Researching: watching Jimmy Fallon while drinking wine out of my rattlesnake mug

2. Writing this book has also forced me to ponder several serious questions. For example, today alone I struggled with things like “Is it okay to make jokes about foreskin?” and “How many mentions of adult diapers is too many for one book?”

3. For the record, I still don’t know the answers to these questions, but my husband pointed out that if I’m not careful, mentions of adult diapers will be my author calling card. (Yes, I have more than one manuscript where these are mentioned. No, I don’t know why.)

4. His suggestion was that I take the diapers into “Kristen Schaal is a horse” territory, which made me realize this sketch comes up in my life on a very regular basis. At least once a week. I’m not sure what that says about me, but I like it.

5. Other things I’m liking this week: eating oatmeal with a giant serving spoon while pretending I’m on Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, watching Parks and Rec on Netflix, and plotting exciting book things with some author friends.

Happy weekending!