Updates, Updates, Updates!

*yells into the void* Hello?! Is anybody out there?

I have updates. Lots of them.

Numero uno:
I have a newsletter now! You can sign up! I will send you things! (Not spam.) Things like book news and giveaway news and really bad jokes. And everyone who’s signed up for my newsletter will hear my book news and giveaway news and really bad jokes before I post them here or on Facebook or anywhere else. So sign up already!

Numero dos:
We have a series title. I repeat, we have a series title. From here on out, these first three books will be known as The Wanderlove Series. I’m so happy we found a series title that captures two of the most important parts of the books: travel and romance. (Heads up, these are connected standalone novels. You can read them in any order.)

Numero tres:
cover with blurbSay hello to the cover of Without Borders.

The colors make my heart happy, and I think it does a great job of catching the mood of the story. Also, see that little blurb at the top? Lia Riley is one of my all-time favorite authors. I stumbled upon her when she was reading and live-tweeting a Sweet Valley High book. After that, I knew I had to read something of hers. So I bought her debut novel and have read almost everything she’s published since. (And she’s published a lot since.) Not going to lie, seeing her blurb on the front of my book still makes me tear up a little.

Numero cuatro:
I’ve updated the buy links on my books page. If you preorder, I’ll love you forever. If you don’t, I will still love you forever. However, I am planning something special to show my undying love for people who preorder. If you want to hear about it first, refer to numero uno. (Pssst. That’s the newsletter.)