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I’ve got a gorgeous short story by the equally gorgeous Zoraida Córdova, my super not-at-all-secret lucky number for the blog hop, and bonus chance to win a Kindle copy of the first book in the Wanderlove series, Without Borders

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Sky and Hayden Do Puerto Rico: An On the Verge Short Story.

© Zoraida Córdova

There are only two rules for this trip: try something new. Considering neither of us have been here before, everything is going to be a new experience. The second this is: don’t fall down. Hayden laughs at the second rule. Considering how we met, with him falling at my feet like the angel he is, I thought I was being pretty funny.

After a very turbulent flight from JFK, Hayden and I arrive in San Juan, Puerto Rico. My cousin Leti raved about her tan, the beaches, and, of course, the food. While I wanted more stamps in my passport, I decided this would be the perfect start to our globetrotting journey as a couple.

As I wait for Hayden to pick up our rental car I watch him. He was the tallest guy in the entire waiting room. I take great pleasure that the women and young gay guys sitting around me, all check out his physique with me. Strong shoulders framed just so by a blue tank top that matches his eyes. White shorts that bring out the golden tan on his massive thighs and calves.

He’s got the build of a man who works hard every day of his life. There was nothing to be done about his feet, but everyone’s gotta have some sort of flaw. And if unmanicured toes is Hayden’s, I’ll take it.

He jingles the keys to our ride. I try not to count the days we’ve been together in my head, but so far we were up to thirty. It seems a little early to be going off on a weekend trip together. My mother told me to be careful. My best friend, River, reminded me to have sex everywhere. My uncle Pepe reminded me to wear sunscreen because this summer would be one of the hottest in Puerto Rico in a long time. There was an exact year…2005? 2008? I quickly forget as Hayden kisses me. His lips are so full and warm that I forget we’re in public. I place my hand on his neck to bring him closer. Someone giggles to my right, and someone else hurrumphs to my left.

I begrudgingly let go of his lips, but console myself with the thought of us naked, between the sheets.



“I’m happy to be here with you,” he tells me.

We’re at a beach side restaurant in a sweet neighborhood called Condado. As the native Spanish speaker, I do all the ordering. We overlook an incredible view of pristine blue ocean, white crashing waves, and sand that feels so soft, it’s like walking on clouds. “I’m happier to be here with you.”

He drinks his piña colada. It has an audacious pink umbrella. He takes it, opens it, and sticks it in his hair.

“Still happy to be with me?” he asks.

I almost snort my margarita. As good as it tastes, I’m sure salt down my windpipe would not be the best thing on this vacation.

“I’m pretty sure there is little you could do that would make me unhappy to be with you.

But just so we’re clear, don’t try.”

“I wouldn’t.”

Being with Hayden is as easy as breathing, and my lungs are pretty clear. He’s unlike any guy I’ve ever known. I’ve seen how hard he works, and how hard he loves the people around him. Since I come from such a big family, I like seeing someone who’s also into that. A part of me goes off into space. I start to think about what our kids would look like. His eyes and my tanned skin? We’d create beautiful little monsters. Actually, whatever they would look like,

I’d love them more than anything.

Whoa, buddy, calm down. I realize I’m drinking my margarita too quickly. Alcohol should come with a warning: will fantasize about baby making with perfect man.

“You know what I love about you?” he asks.


“I never know what you’re thinking.”

I smile. “I think it’d be pretty easy to guess.”

The waitress brings over our food. I have a whole fried fish on a bed of white rice and beans. He has a sizzling steak, yellow rice, beans, plantains, and an avocado.

“I don’t think I ordered enough food,” he says.

We eat in silence, but it’s the best kind of silence. It’s the kind of silence that settles in between close friends and loves, an unspoken pleasure of simply being in each other’s company. Sometimes he’ll reach over the table and hold my hand while eating a spoonful of rice. Other times he’ll stretch out his leg between mine under the table. Rub his knee against mine. Then there are the moments when he sits back and watches me. His blue eyes trace every inch of my face, my hair, which has gotten bigger and bigger from the humidity and sea air. He says one thing, “Hey, I love you.”

And I say, “Hey, I love you back.”



The apartment belongs to a friend of a friend of Leti’s. It’s in a high rise building that overlooks the ocean. There’s a balcony with a little plastic table, and the fridge is stocked with local beer and imported wine.

Hayden walks up behind me, and pulls me into an embrace. He kissed the back of my neck, and despite the hot evening, it sends a chill down my spine.

“I’ve never been anywhere this nice,” he says.

“You live in one of the most expensive areas of New York City,” I tell him.

“Yeah, but I live near the Hamptons. I’m not part of those yuppies that buy beach houses they spend a weekend in and then let a bunch of people party for the rest of the summer. I’m a towny.”

“You could be a yuppy,” I joke.

“You’re the yuppy,” he says, biting my lip.

I turn around, still wrapped in his arms. My back is against the balcony and my hair blows in the wind.

“You’re mine,” he says.

“Yours?” I say. “I don’t think so. I’m just a rental.”

He makes a face. “Who’s doing the renting?”

“ I am, duh.”

“This conversation just got weird.”

I shut him up with a kiss. He pushes against me harder. I lean back with his weight so that we’re halfway over the edge of the balcony. I can feel the drop of the air, the way the breeze pushes against us. His tongue parts my lips, and searches for mine. I let my body settle into the feel of him. His strong chest, his arms around my waist. He positions himself so that I straddle him, pressing his pelvis right against mine. His dick hardens between my legs, and I’m three seconds from losing my panties.

With one hand he tugs my hair back, exposing my neck. It’s amazing how strong he is, but how soft his kisses are. They land on my neck like feathers.

“Oh, God, Hayden,” I sigh.

He pulls back. His blue eyes are dark with lust. They’re unfocused, looking me up and down like he doesn’t know where to start.

So I do it for him. I unbuckle his shorts and lift his shirt over his head. The wind is strong and it slips from my grip, falling over the balcony.

“Whoops,” I say.

He laughs against my ear, sending a sweet vibration down my neck. He bites lovingly all the way down to my shoulder.

I cry out when he bites harder, then I pull myself on top of him. He catches my weight with his hands under my ass. It’s like we’re dancing, like we know each other’s moves. Not in an expected way, but in a way that says we’re partners. We’re together. We’re one.

I giggle when he squeezes my ass, and he moans as he carries me back into the apartment. For just a moment, I remember River’s words: have sex everywhere.

“I can’t make it to the bedroom,” I say.

So he throws me on the couch. I bounce a few times, my head spinning from margaritas and his kisses. It’s a big couch with room enough for the two of us. He pushes my skirt up and around my thighs. His fingers dig into my skin, pulling me down to line up with him. He shuts his eyes at first, letting his erection slide between my wetness.

“Sky,” he moans.

Every part of me throbs expectantly. I rake my nails up and down his chest. I love how hot his skin feels when I touch him. I love the way he pushes into. The way it takes my breath away. I love the way he stays there and doesn’t move. Just the feel of him drives me crazy. I beg him to move, but he doesn’t. He smiles wickedly and keeps kissing me.

Pressure builds at the base of my belly and spreads like fire across my skin. When even he can’t take it anymore, he lets loose, moving with me. It’s hard to breathe with the weight of him against me, but my body explodes with the feel

of him. A delicious shudder passes over my body until I’m spent.

He moans my name and bites my shoulder. I’m going to be red tomorrow, but it’s so, so worth it.

We stay there for a long time, with Hayden still in me, and the sunset bathing us in red and yellow light. I could stay this way forever. I trace my finger up and down his arms. He kisses my jaw line, my lips, my clavicle.

“I’d call Day One of vacation a success,” he says.

I laugh. “Just wait. Tomorrow is our El Yunque excursion. Have you ever had sex in the rainforest?”


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