Updates + Without Borders Publicity Roundup

The last few weeks been a whirlwind of reviews and phone calls and endlessly checking my Amazon rank–all while trying to remember what’s really important: I have the tremendous privilege of writing books.

Books that people can buy. In actual stores and online.

I still haven’t quite wrapped my head around it. But I’m trying. And if you’ve purchased a copy or checked it out from the library or even just added to your Goodreads shelf, thank you.

thank you

(I don’t know if I’ll be ever to say thank you enough times to show my appreciation, but I feel like Full House gifs go a long way.)

And, for anyone who isn’t sick of hearing about me or Without Borders or Michelle Tanner, here’s a quick roundup of bookish news.

RT Book Reviews gave Without Borders four stars and called it an “adventurous novel” that “retains a light touch while still allowing moments of heartfelt caring to shine through.”

Heroes & Heartbreakers said Without Borders “is like a slow burn with your favorite scented candle. It lulls you in, mesmerizes, feeds your senses, sometimes flickers, and you just want it to last.”

have mercy

I also did some blog interviews, like this one for Operation Awesome where I talked about being a debut author, dealing with rejection, and the original title of Without Borders. 

There was also this one with the fabulous Nicole Michaels, where I revealed what’s on my secret Pinterest boards and what I’d do if I won the lottery. (Spoiler alert: it involves becoming a hermit.)

And we can’t forget this interview with Beth’s Blog World, with a quick discussion on inspiration and writing while drunk.

Finally, there was this little ditty with the lovely folks at Free Book Friday. Topics discussed: junk food, future book ideas, and The Baby-Sitters Club.

this is nute


Not to be outdone, a few people were crazy enough to post things I’d written on their websites. One of my favorite authors (and favorite people) Annika Sharma let me ramble on in this post, “Five Ways Traveling Abroad is Like Falling in Love for the First Time.

The folks at Shelf Pleasure also let me talk about the time I visited Rwanda and found myself alone in a parking lot with fifty baboons in this article, “5 Literary Alternatives to the Baboon Apocalypse.”

gold fish

And if the blog interviews weren’t enough, the lovely folks at Authors on the Air decided it would be a good idea to let me speak. Out loud. Live. And then record it for all of eternity. You can hear me talk about strippers, my grandma, and dick jokes here.