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Updates, Updates, Updates!

*yells into the void* Hello?! Is anybody out there? I have updates. Lots of them. Numero uno: I have a newsletter now! You can sign up! I will send you things! (Not spam.) Things like book news and giveaway news and really bad jokes. And […]

Cover Reveal: Tegan Wren’s INCONCEIVABLE

The best part about having author friends is getting to read their books before they are actually books. Another best part (yes, there are multiple best parts) is having people around who understand what you mean when you say stuff like “I’m joining the CIA so […]

Marie Meyer, Man Buns, and Donald Trump: A Love Story

You guys remember my fabulous friend Marie Meyer? Her book Across the Distance came out in May to stellar reviews. Like this one. And this one. And this one. It even made several bestseller lists on Amazon. (Basically, I’m famous by proxy now.) And today, Marie’s second […]


Let’s start with a mostly true story. A handful of nights ago, I dreamed I was being haunted by the ghost of a hockey player. Everywhere I turned, he was there with his stick. (No, this wasn’t one of those kinds of dreams.) But Dream Amanda knew […]

Cover Reveal: LETTING GO by Jessica Ruddick

What was that? You’re desperate to hop on an emotional roller coaster and get off with your head and your heart spinning? Well, then. Let me introduce you to my friend Jessica Ruddick and her novel Letting Go.   How long do you hold on? […]

Cover Reveal: THE REARRANGED LIFE by Annika Sharma

May 2015 is going to be an epic month for books. And May 15th–the day Annika Sharma’s The Rearranged Life comes out–is going to be particularly fantastic. Check out her cover and read the exclusive excerpt below. Then, once you’ve battled back your intense case of the […]

Cover Reveal Week Continued: GAME OF LOVE by Ara Grigorian

The final installment of (Un)Official Cover Reveal Week is upon us. Get ready for the first look at Game of Love, a new sports romance from Ara Grigorian. Check out all the fun details about this sexy romance and enter his fantastic giveaway!   Game of Love is set […]


It appears my website has become cover reveal central, but I’m not complaining. There are SO many fabulous books coming out in May, and all of their covers are being released right about now. Marie Meyer’s Across the Distance is one of those. It promises to be the […]

RUN AWAY by the Incredible Laura Salters

I know what you’re thinking, and it’s okay. I ate way too many Girl Scout cookies this weekend too. Also, you may be thinking that there have been a lot of cover reveals lately. Yep. That’s because there are a ton of fabulous books coming out in […]

Double Cover Reveal: Zoraida Córdova’s ON THE VERGE Series

Once upon a time (November 2014), in a land not-so-far away (my house), I bought a copy of Luck on the Line by Zoraida Córdova. As soon as it arrived on my Kindle, I locked myself in a room and read the entire thing in one day. […]