Countdown to Semi-Scripted!

Semi-Scripted hits stores November 8th, 2016. Preorder your copy now and you’ll have something to do on Election Day! (Besides prepare for the apocalypse.)

Updates + Without Borders Publicity Roundup

The last few weeks been a whirlwind of reviews and phone calls and endlessly checking my Amazon rank–all while trying to remember what’s really important: I have the tremendous privilege of writing books. Books that people can buy. In actual stores and online. I still haven’t […]

Traveling Abroad, a Giveaway, and a Baboon

What do all these things have in common? Besides being awesome, they’re all mentioned here. Take a look and enter to win a copy of Without Borders.   Happy reading! -A

Me + Cinema St. Louis Film Festival = Bonkers

St. Louis is home to a fabulous annual film festival, STL Film Fest. (True story: a few years ago at the festival, I saw an early screening of A Little Help starring Jenna Fischer–a.k.a. Pam Beesly–with Jenna Fischer. Like, she sat a row away from me while […]

Blog Interview and Other Shenanigans

The lovely Marty Mayberry interviewed me on her blog today. You can check it out here. A true story about Marty: she’s a nurse, and she read over all the medical scenes in Without Borders to help me make them as realistic as possible. So obviously she’s […]

Five Thing Friday (Plus Where to Find Me on the Web)

Maybe check out my weekly installment of Five Thing Friday over on Facebook? It includes tidbits from behind the scenes of Without Borders, a few updates on my life, and a whole lot of random. For even more random, you can follow me on Twitter. For Without Borders inspiration photos, […]

WITHOUT BORDERS Gets a Mention in RT

Last month, Romantic Times Book Reviews mentioned Without Borders in their weekly Forewords column. AND I HAD NO IDEA. Best surprise ever.  

Booze, Sour Patch Kids, and The Baby-Sitters Club

I talked about all these things and more in a guest post on Michelle Hauck‘s blog. Check out my “Getting the Submission Call” HERE.

Official Book News

I’m ecstatic to announce my three-book New Adult romance series with Diversion Books. All three stories involve twenty-somethings stepping outside of their comfort zones–and finding love in the process. I can’t wait for you to meet Annie and Felipe, as well as the characters in books two […]