In case you missed it, Semi-Scripted hit virtual and real shelves on November 8th. You can grab a copy wherever books are sold! Look for the third (and final!) book in the Wanderlove series out next year!

Countdown to Semi-Scripted!

Semi-Scripted hits stores November 8th, 2016. Preorder your copy now and you’ll have something to do on Election Day! (Besides prepare for the apocalypse.)

Something a Little Dirty

In case you missed it, Dirty Work: An Anthology is now available! And my novella, Uprooted, kicks off the book with a story about first loves and second chances.    iBooks    Amazon       Barnes & Noble     Kobo I’m here to tell you […]

Want an advanced reader copy of Semi-Scripted?

A couple of weeks ago, I got a package in the mail. A really lovely package, with ten advanced reader copies of Semi-Scripted inside. Since then, I’ve sent a few out to bloggers and important people in my life. But one copy got a little mangled in […]

Updates + Without Borders Publicity Roundup

The last few weeks been a whirlwind of reviews and phone calls and endlessly checking my Amazon rank–all while trying to remember what’s really important: I have the tremendous privilege of writing books. Books that people can buy. In actual stores and online. I still haven’t […]

Searching for the New Adult Scavenger Hunt?

Then you’ve come to the right place! Stumbled here after Googling “Has Keegan-Michael Key ever filed for a restraining order?” Then you’ve also come to the right place… But let’s not discuss that. How about I tell you about the New Adult Scavenger Hunt instead? […]

Welcome to the World, Without Borders!

Sound the alarms, Without Borders is officially available for sale! Buy a copy for yourself, your sister, your best friend, and your grandma. (But give Grandma a warning about the s-e-x in the book. I don’t need anyone’s heart stopping on my account.)   What People are […]

Book News! And It’s Dirty (Work)

  Dirty Work: An Anthology  Coming August 16th, 2016 Nothing can keep a Hennessy from what he wants, even if it means getting dirty… And these men are good with their hands. When an inheritance forces Natalie Green back to her hometown, she finds herself […]

Traveling Abroad, a Giveaway, and a Baboon

What do all these things have in common? Besides being awesome, they’re all mentioned here. Take a look and enter to win a copy of Without Borders.   Happy reading! -A

Things You May Want to Know

Yo! Just some quick updates. My publisher is giving away five copies of Without Borders on Goodreads. You can enter here. Without Borders is available from Target online. It’s actually cheaper here than on Amazon, so… If you’re a blogger or reviewer or just a person with a NetGalley […]