The Heir and The Spare (a.k.a. I declare my love for Prince Harry)

Let’s take a minute to be real here. Prince William okay. I mean, he’s got that whole first-in-line-for-the-throne thing going on. He’s got a gorgeous wife and a couple of cute kids. And then there’s that whole saving lives as an air ambulance pilot thing. […]

Updates, Updates, Updates!

*yells into the void* Hello?! Is anybody out there? I have updates. Lots of them. Numero uno: I have a newsletter now! You can sign up! I will send you things! (Not spam.) Things like book news and giveaway news and really bad jokes. And […]

The Turning Point is Here

You guys remember my friend Marie Meyer, right? The Amazon Bestseller? The one who I dragged to the Upright Citizen’s Brigade last July? The one who prefers man buns to mohawks? I thought so. Great news! She has a new book out today. A travel book. […]

Feliz Cumpleaños a Inconceivable by Tegan Wren!

A very happy birthday to Tegan Wren’s Inconceivable.  I had the pleasure of having coffee with Tegan just yesterday, as she made her way through St. Louis on a multi-city book tour. And, as I suspected, she is just as lovely in person as she is […]

Five Important Book-Related Things. On a Friday.

I usually limit my Five Thing Friday posts to Facebook, but this one is so full of info that I had to share. (Also the website allows me to add much-needed gifs to this conversation.) Okay. Here we go: 1. You can now preorder a […]

Me + Cinema St. Louis Film Festival = Bonkers

St. Louis is home to a fabulous annual film festival, STL Film Fest. (True story: a few years ago at the festival, I saw an early screening of A Little Help starring Jenna Fischer–a.k.a. Pam Beesly–with Jenna Fischer. Like, she sat a row away from me while […]

Cover Reveal: Tegan Wren’s INCONCEIVABLE

The best part about having author friends is getting to read their books before they are actually books. Another best part (yes, there are multiple best parts) is having people around who understand what you mean when you say stuff like “I’m joining the CIA so […]

Hockey, Wayne’s World, and Romance: Delayed Penalty by Sophia Henry

September 1: the unofficial first day of fall, the day Halloween candy hit store shelves, and the day Sophia Henry’s Delayed Penalty skyrocketed into awesomeness (and onto Amazon). *** She closed her heart long ago. He just wants to open her mind. For fans of Toni Aleo […]

Friday: It’s Here!

(If you follow me on Facebook, you’re familiar with my Five Thing Friday posts. If not, settle in. Things are about to get real interesting random.) 1. My book two deadline is looming! This means my daily schedule consists entirely of researching* the mechanics of […]

Marie Meyer, Man Buns, and Donald Trump: A Love Story

You guys remember my fabulous friend Marie Meyer? Her book Across the Distance came out in May to stellar reviews. Like this one. And this one. And this one. It even made several bestseller lists on Amazon. (Basically, I’m famous by proxy now.) And today, Marie’s second […]